Discomforting People

Gill just sent this in, which is kinda nice considering I didn’t get to bed until close to 3 this morning and had no intention of putting anything up today even if I hadn’t done that.

Related: if another chance ever comes around, go to a Great big Sea concert. It’s absolutely worth it. I think Carin may be writing about our night right now, actually.

With the holiday season approaching one might have to attend a lot of events with a lot of people. Some will be funny, uncle Larry getting drunk and singing the twelve days of Christmas in three part harmony all by himself, others will be bitter mom’s thrice divorced cousin Junie, who hates men, and wants the world to know as such. Others though will make us uncomfortable. You know that supersweet friend of your mom and dad’s who thinks that because you are vision challenged that you are permanently frozen at five years old? You all know that type, “how do you live by yourself?` “how do you go to the bathroom by yourself?` What’s your first reaction to this? If you are anything like me you would come up with a smart remark answer, and go find that cousin of your mom’s who snuck her and her underaged friends booze.

How does one deal with those pity-pats who always seem to touch your hand with there incredibly soft chubby one saying “there there dear.`? I think the best two ways are as follows, one smile and nod, and two ask a question that would direct the attention off of you.

That’s all for now friends. You know what to do. Tell my homeboy Steve about those folks who leave you highly uncomfortable.

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  1. So Steve is Gill’s homeboy?

    I think the most annoying is my great aunt. I love her, but invariably, she says something to the effect of “oh some day they’ll be able to fix your eyes. I mean look at insert person name. He’s got a camera.” or whatever. The worst part is I have explained to her that “fixing me” probably wouldn’t be very helpful because this is the way I’ve always been, and my problem is with nerves, so what if they tried to fix my eyes but broke my ears? And each time, she seems to understand…only to have her say it all over again next family gathering.

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