Who The Hell Drives Around With A Lit Candle?

Last Updated on: 1st October 2015, 05:04 pm

I can’t come up with a better title for this than that, because honest to god I have no idea why anyone would have a lit candle in their car. But somebody did. Even more amazingly, this somebody decided that a gas station would be a fine destination for herself and her open flame. Well, maybe that part isn’t that amazing, because why wouldn’t the sort of person who drives around with a lit candle in her cup holder in the first place be the same person who pumps gas and then goes inside to pay all without blowing it out? What happened next is about what you would expect, minus the fatalities.

A woman’s car, which had a lit candle inside, became engulfed in flames at a Florida gas station Wednesday afternoon.

ActionNewsJax reported the woman went into the Lake City gas station just after 2 p.m. when a customer rushed inside and alerted everyone the woman’s car was on fire, according to Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Murray Smith.

The Columbia County Fire Department responded to the Spires Super Market and Citgo gas station and was able to extinguish the fire. The car and a surrounding gas pump were damaged.

No charges were laid against the unidentified woman and police say they’re treating it as an accident.

Um, no. A fender bender is an accident. Some of you might have been an accident. Damaging property because you’re taking a candle on a field trip is either vandalism or arson. Calling this your every day, run of the mill accident is pretty much the most Florida thing ever. Dangerous and irresponsible, in other words.

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