The UK Decides It Doesn’t Have Enough Babies, Starts Removing Them From Tourists

Often these UK posts are completely ridiculous and stupid, but there’s a bit of underlying humour to be found somewhere. But now they’ve gone and kidnapped an Italian woman’s kid and are in the process of having it adopted out against her will. Oh, and when I say kidnap, what I really mean is remove the unborn baby from her body by way of a forced caesarean section. Nope, there’s absolutely nothing funny there.

Miss Pacchieri came to Britain in June 2012 for a training course at Stansted airport to become an air hostess, when she suffered what her legal team insist was a “panic attack” which led to her being sectioned.

She said she had rung police for help who, after speaking to her mother in Italy about her bipolar condition, took her from her hotel to hospital, where she was told she would be sectioned.

She claims she refused to take medication for her condition because she feared it would harm her unborn child.

Ten weeks later, in August 2012, the local health authority obtained an order enabling doctors to deliver the child by caesarean section while Essex County Council began care proceedings which led to the girl being eventually put up for adoption.

Miss Pacchieri said she begged health workers not to force her to have a caesarean because she wanted to have a natural birth.

But she claims they refused and she was held down and sedated before being transferred to an operating theatre.

Miss Pacchieri said when she woke up she was given Child P to hold, but the baby was then taken away 20 minutes later.

When P was returned to her for a second time she was told not to breast feed and the child was again removed.

Miss Pacchieri was then taken to the Christopher psychiatric unit at Broomfield hospital, in Chelmsford, Essex, and after three days was told her baby had been taken into foster care.

Naturally there is much outrage from the public, the Italian government and in a clear sign of just how batshit this is, lawyers who are lining up to take on whatever parts of the case they can for free.

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