This Makes Me Angry Beyond Words

Last Updated on: 21st October 2013, 03:36 pm

This story of 10 and 12-year-old boys arrested in a dogfighting case is disturbing enough. But what makes me the most angry is the mother’s attitude about the whole thing.

The boys’ mother told the deputy they needed to go to jail.

“I’m sick of them two stealing dogs, bikes and having all the neighborhood coming by here looking to us,” according to the report.

and where were you when the dogs were hanging around the house? Let me just quote the conditions the dogs were found in.

he found several emaciated, injured dogs, and one dead canine that had been cut open.

A brown puppy — dehydrated and covered in fleas — ran outside the front door. As the deputy stood nearby, one of the suspects grabbed the puppy by its neck and struck it in the head several times with closed fists.

A nearby witness told the deputy he found a dead pit bull on his property, and he told the boys they couldn’t throw their dead dog there. He later saw the boys dig a shallow grave for the dog. In the backyard of the boys’ home, the deputy immediately smelled the strong odor of dog feces. Two dogs were caged. One pit bull was spray painted and had wounds on its face, nose and legs. Another dog was sitting in its own feces and had a severe bite mark to its front paw and ears. Both dogs were under fed.

The cage had no appropriate cover from the cold.

One of the boys began to pull up a dead dog by its leash from a shallow grave. The deputy asked the boys what they were doing. One replied, “We see dog fighting on YouTube, so we just do it.”

One of the boys said he tossed the dog over the fence because he was scared. His brother then said, “When the dog stopped moving after they fought I put a knife to its stomach and that’s when blood started to come out.”

I think mommy dearest needs to go to jail too. I have to wonder how the kids have been living, and whether or not they have had any supervision whatsoever. That’s just disgusting. Maybe they can all sit in a cell with no toilet and see how they like living in their own filth.

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