Bill Hicks’ Nearly Lost 1993 Late Show With David Letterman Performance

This is really cool, and one of the reasons why when I’m actually up watching a late night talkshow, it’s always Letterman.

Bill Hicks performed on his show many times during his career, but for some reason, Dave had an appearance he made in late 1993 removed from the show, never to be seen. As it turned out, it would end up being one of if not the last TV performances Hicks would ever give, as he died of cancer in early 1994.

Jump ahead to 2009, and here’s Dave not only apologizing for his mistake and airing the set as it should have all those years ago, but bringing Bill’s mother Mary to the show so he could do so in person. A totally classy thing to do, not to mention something you rarely see. A person in a position of power and fame admitting he’s wrong and actually meaning it.

Here’s video of the entire segment, which runs nearly 20 minutes.

Until now I had no idea this happened, and I’m glad to have seen it. Boy, do I ever miss Bill Hicks right now. And I should really stay up and watch Letterman soon.

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