Heath Campbell Is Still Hitlering It Up

Remember Heath Campbell, the charming Nazi fellow? Apparently he’s still in the business of having kids and saddling them with Hitler-related names. He’s now up to 9 of them with 5 different women, believe it or not. His latest, Eva Lynn Patricia Braun Campbell, was taken away from him in November.

“They kidnapped her,” said Campbell, who wore a full Third Reich uniform to a June court hearing while he was fighting to see a toddler son named Heinrich Hons.

“Because I’m not going to mix with the opposite races and I’m not going to let my children mix, that gives them the right to steal my child?”

But Campbell isn’t the only reason this baby was taken, apparently. The mother, bethanie Zito, had a previous child removed for reasons unexplained and presumably non-Heath.

It really needs to be harder to have kids, you know?

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