Did Somebody Say McShooting?

In case any McDonald’s employees were wondering, the number of times you can screw up the same person’s order in one day before that person takes a shot at you is apparently two.

On the evening of Feb. 9, Torres and an unnamed driver reportedly stopped for food at the McDonald’s location in the 400 block of 28th Street SE. After complaining about an incorrect burger order, Torres and the other woman were told they would receive a free meal at the time of their next visit and left the establishment.

The following morning at 3 a.m., Torres and her companion allegedly returned to the same location, ordered the same burger, and again received an incorrect order.

Torres, in the passenger seat of the vehicle, allegedly leaned over the driver of the car and engaged in a verbal confrontation with the employee before shooting a bullet through the drive-through window. No one was injured as the bullet passed through the opposite wall of the restaurant.

The pair quickly drove off, but Torres wasn’t hard to catch. She was tracked down thanks to the cell phone number she had given to the restaurant after the first botched order.

She’s been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, discharge of a firearm in or at a building and using a firearm for a felony.

The driver was questioned but not charged.

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