Remembering The Last Time I Felt Cool Buying A CD

I don’t know if I’m simply feeling nostalgic or if this is all about the new Fratellis song I’ve been hearing, but lately I’ve been thinking about the last time I was actually excited about buying a CD.

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was all the way back in 2007.

Normally, walking into record stores and hearing the music they’re pounding out of the speakers is enough to make you spin on your heels and head for the food court. But on this night, things were different. Walking into HMV, I was greeted by the sound of something loud and punky, yet immediately accessible to the pop set. Something you could mindlessly jam to, but that somehow left you the ability to think about what the next notes would be. That something, as I was told when I almost immediately made tracks for the counter to ask questions, was the Fratellis and their debut album, Costello Music. The song I was hearing was “Henrietta, and it was awesome.

But really, the whole album was awesome.

Just listen to that. So many great songs. Hits that were, and hits that easily could have been.

Where does the time go? And where is all the new music that should be pumping me up the way Costello Music did?

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