The Enzyte Hotel?

Steve mentioned Trivago the other day, which reminded me that I wanted to write something about Trivago, have been meaning to for a while.

When I first heard a Trivago commercial, I wasn’t paying attention. I heard its whistling song, and then a reference to finding a hotel. My first thought was complete shock. In fact, I think I verbalized it something like this: “Aaaa! There’s a service you can use to find a hotel so you can screw?” Steve thought I was on crack, and answered in bewilderment, “Um, no, it’s a Trivago add, you know, to find a hotel. Just a hotel.” This was when I stammered out something about “Yeah, so you can use that male enhancement stuff that Bob uses, you know, happy Bob?” Steve paused for a second, and went, “Enzyte? Yeah I guess they do use the same song.” At least then he stopped wondering where my crack stash was.

Let me show you. Here’s Enzyte,

and Here’s Trivago.

I had an English one, but it ceased to work, so you get German.

See? They both use the same song, which is soooo wrong, especially when you’ve got people like me out there.

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