The Wrong Type Of Hackathon

Tans has been a very healthy dog. We haven’t had one ear infection yet. I took her to the vet once because she developed hives…I’m wondering if it was an allergy to bug bites or some plants or something. Once I took her to the vet because she started hacking, and puked up a couple of meals. They gave her antibiotics and that seemed to be that. But the hack hack hack has returned. Thankfully, this time, she didn’t puke up any food.

It happens at random. Sometimes it’s after getting excited, sometimes it’s after eating, sometimes it’s just when she wakes up, but sometimes she can be perfectly calm, and…hack hack hack. Sometimes we’ll be walking somewhere, and hack hack hack. I can’t find a pattern at all.

I took her to the vet a couple Saturdays ago…on that day that involved a six-hour adventure. They definitely noticed some sensitivity in her upper trachea. So, they thought maybe the type of cough she got back in July wasn’t quite completely murdered by the type of antibiotics they gave her, lay dormant and came back. So they gave her another type.

And it seemed to get better. Right away, I noticed that when she slept, she didn’t snore as loud, and the coughing drastically decreased.

But now that we’ve finished the pills, the cough is not totally gone. At least a couple of times a day, she hacks. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s not so small.

And when I think about the whole time I’ve had her, she’s always been a bit of a hacker. I had mentioned it to the vets, but since there was no pattern and nothing they could find until July and now, it was always just left as something she did. But now I’m having a hard time drawing the distinction between hacking that I should worry about and her occasional hack…or is that occasional hack something I should worry about too?

Isn’t it fun getting to know a new dog? Even though I’ve had her for almost a year, there is so much I don’t know about her…so much to learn.

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