Living A Childhood Song

Gill sent this, I believe because of my piece about the women’s shelter from a few weeks ago.

Remember that little song about not throwing junk in someone’s backyard? Did you also know that that junk could also mean something else?

Unfortunately I am living Nimby, not in my backyard. It seems that since 2007 when the Able Living van’s window was smashed by a rock that our neighbors have been none too pleased with having differently able folks living nearby. If you think that that act of hate was dealt with you my friends are wrong. Since then I have been told to watch my back, my former roommate, was called a racial slur regarding her Hispanic heritage, and in recent times we have been targets for Nio-Nazi Jr’s idea that ringing someone’s doorbell, and running off is funny.

I am asking you out there if you as a differently able individual have ever experienced anything like this.

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