Tokyo Trippin’

Here’s Gill, attempting to make us all hungry.

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan, but looked at the price and ran for the hills, or realized that you need to renew your passport before you cross the border let alone the ocean? Or have you just wanted to go somewhere different to eat that doesn’t require a numb rear end or a passport?

Friends I have just returned from my latest foodcation. The sushi place, as I kind of can’t remember the name of the place was really quite an awesome little find, and it wasn’t overly far from my house.

Make It Authentic

Like when I went to the Ethiopian place I decided to order up Japanese tea to go along with my meal. Unlike Western style establishments this tea cup did not have a handle. I started my meal with a tofu soup, and salad which was lettuce with this ginger dressing.

Not Your Traditional Lunchbox

I ordered something called a Bento Box, which looked like your standard meal tray, but this had compartments in it. My not-so-typical tray had rice, fried cabbage, vegetable rolls, tempura vegetables, deep fried tofu, and in the middle sat tempura dipping sauce. My friend and I also enjoyed some vegetable spring rolls.

Talk more soon

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