Those Rotary Phone Kids React To Walkmans

From the people who brought you Kids React To Rotary Phones comes the latest reminder that we’re gettin’ old, you guys, KIDS REACT TO WALKMANS.

Pretty sure I died a little inside when the one kid exclaimed “My grandpa has these!” when shown a set of our old headphones.

And here are the bonus reactions if you feel like rubbing a little more salt in the wound.

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  1. I never thought of tapes as hard…but I guess if you’ve never seen one before…

    and the idea of opening up a player doohicky being a weird concept? Woe.

    1. I thought it was odd too, until I thought to myself yeah, you don’t really have to crack open an iPod to get the music inside of it. Also, the tapes are pretty close to current gadget size. Just chew on that for a minute.

      1. You’d think opening up a CD player would have prompted the oh yeah something has to go in there thing…but maybe they don’t even have those anymore?

        1. CD sales are tanking. Have been slowly for years. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that none of these kids owned any. It’s all mp3’s and streaming services now.

  2. and nobody mentioned the trick of holding down play and fast-forward to make it make sound so you knew when to stop…but then again you weren’t really supposed to do that hehehe.

    1. You weren’t supposed to do that,and it didn’t always work with every tape machine. I’ve seen a few that wouldn’t move or were silent when you did that.

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