People Stole Gas Cards out of GDB vehicles

I saw this 2 weeks ago, and meant to post about it…but my brother was getting married, so I didn’t have time.

Back in December/January, 3 people broke into GDB vehicles and stole gas cards. They used them and stole about $4800.

It’s bad enough to steal from anybody, but to steal from a guide dog school is pretty low. I can’t remember if the GDB vehicles have markings on them, but if they do, we know when we find the ones who did it, they’d have a hard time finding people to vouch for their good character.

I guess surveillance cameras got a pretty good look at their cars, and the newspaper posted the photos. Hopefully that helps police find them. I don’t see an update to the story, but maybe I missed it.

That really sucks. $4800 is a lot of lost money.

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