Give Me Those Keys

Some days it really irritates me that guys like this get to drive and I don’t. Really, how much more dangerous could I possibly be? I’d even stick my cane out the window so I could sweep for obstacles if it would make people feel better.

Halton police has charged a Waterdown man for playing the flute while driving in Burlington, Ont.
Const. Steve Elms said the driver, in his 40s, was stopped at a red light playing his flute with both hands.
Elms said the light turned green and the man started driving — while still playing the flute.
A tweet from Halton police stated the man was following along to a song playing on his iPod.

No, they didn’t say what song it was. I’m annoyed by that, too.

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  1. Maybe he was about to commit a drive-by fluting. also if it was not a Jethro Tull song, I no longer care about the story.

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