Maybe They’ll Put On His Rap Sheet That He Wrapped Himself In A Sheet

Last Updated on: 25th April 2023, 08:51 pm

This tale of a man breaking in to a house naked, and just sort of hanging around is just too weird. The unknown man washed himself with a garden hose in the driveway, then knocked on the front door. Finding no answer, he went around back and just hung around naked in a chair. Well, to be fair, he did wrap himself in a trash bag while he sat in the chair.

Becoming bored with this, I guess, he broke the rear windows, ransacked the house, cooked a meal for himself, took another shower, and then wrapped himself in a sheet and left, only taking the sheet with him. Police think alcohol or drugs *might* have been involved. A surveillance camera caught this whole escapade, otherwise I might have had trouble believing it.

Something just struck me. I have to wonder if this is the work of Terence Michael Dean, only more subdued.

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