The Weekend That Was

Here’s Gill with some thoughts on her Easter weekend…which was a lot more eventful than mine. I’m not complaining, just sayin’.

       The Good Friday Shoe Disaster

Have you ever been ready to go somewhere and you spill something down your front, realize you aren’t wearing two of the same shoes, or even worse that one of your shoes is actually broken beyond repair?  I had one of those moments with a pair of shoes I have had since high school.  I put them on, and found out that they were literally coming apart.  Lucky for me I had spare shoes for this moment of sheer ghetto.

       Where Coolness Lives

We arrived at my sister’s place just before noon, regular noon, on Friday.  Her building is located in Mid Town, near such places as Sky Dome, The Cn Tower, lots of hotels and dining.  For lunch we kept it simple.  My sister had laid out a do-it-yourself sandwich bar.

       Sample Time

For dinner we went to this place called Lóurvier.  We ordered off the sampler’s menu, and some of the delicious items were duck, salmon curry, tuna tartare, kale salad, and so much more.  The kale salad, which had dried cranberries, and pecans was something worth going back for.  Everyone else had different types of wine to go along with their foods, but I did not.

       Saturday Believe It  Or Not

At first I thought the Ripley’s Aquarium would be kind of a let down.  It was Ripley’s, and I was hoping to see a shark with human arms, but it was cool. In one tank I saw some rainbow coral, red, orange, blue, and so much more.  There was also a place to figure out your total worth in fish terms.  Cool fact- when a star fish breaks a leg off it regenerates a new one.

       Cool Burgers

We ate at this burger chain associated with New York Fries.  The burgers were fantastic!  You could choose your own toppings.  I had a vegetarian burger with onions and goat cheese.  The place if you are curious was called South Street Burgers.

       Unflattering Photo

What would a trip to my sister’s house be with out an unflattering moment, comment, just in fun, or a rather embarrassing pic?  That moment arrived when I dozed off while my mom tried on clothes at the Bay.  When I awoke I found out that she had not only taken the photo with her camera phone, but sent it to several people.  She’ll get hers later.  lol

Now I am home again, and I hope all of you out there have a safe and happy weekend.

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