What Blew Up?

Last Updated on: 14th December 2021, 08:34 pm

Update: Well, things don’t seem to have been as bad as first thought. For the most part, I think that everything what needed an unbusting has gotten it. Now let’s hope it doesn’t do that again. And as always, if you see anything that just ain’t right, let us know. I won’t be able to fix it right away, but I will eventually.

Original Post: Um…uh…yeah. I have no idea what happened, but as you’ve surely noticed if you’re at all familiar with the place, something is definitely wrong here. Through what I assume is no fault of our own but could totally be, a bunch of stuff looks…quite a bit different and not at all like it’s supposed to. And of course this has to happen as we’re about to head off for the weekend and my sister’s wedding because why wouldn’t it, right?

We were planning to give the site a makeover soon, but this is most definitely not what we had in mind. I’m going to hope that somehow it mysteriously fixes itself much in the way it mysteriously just went boom, but since I’m generally not that lucky, I’ll be back on Monday to hopefully unfuck everything. Until that time, I apologize for how ugly and messed up I imagine it looks.

Have a better weekend than the poor Comet is having, everyone.

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    1. Reason it’s starting to look fine is that I’m doing Monday’s unfucking today, at least as much as I can. Seems that for whatever reason, it decided screw you guys and your customizations. I’m just gonna move all your widgets over here into the inactive sidebar area and plonk these here other ones into their places. So it’s just a matter of figuring out what’s wrong, deleting it and replacing it with what’s right…hopefully in the right spots.

        1. Not usually what I like hearing from the ladies…heyo!

          But seriously, it was easy to fix once I figured out what the problem was. And dont’ forget, our roles are kind of reversed now. You were often the Blogger player with-er, but WordPress has mostly fallen to me. I’m just glad I have a bit of a clue what I’m doing.

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