My Current Pick For Favourite Song Of 2014

Last Updated on: 11th June 2014, 04:53 pm

It’s always fun when a song catches your ear out of the blue, at a time when you least expect it.

I first heard this one while Carin was still in the hospital. It was at the point when we were well and truly into mystery illness (when the hell is she going to ever be free?) territory. I was having a particularly bad morning, but still doing my morning text and call routine. I had CBC Radio 2 on in the background as I so often do, when this song stopped me in my tracks. Paolo Nutini – Numpty

The groove to this is perfect, and unless I’m crazy, it sounds a lot like it could’ve been sung by Ben Harper, who is one of my favourites.

It should be number 1 on the Top 20 forever, if there’s any justice in this world.

Here are the lyrics, a few of which are kind of hard to make out.

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  1. Glad you put up the lyrics…because the chorus sounded like this to me.
    We’re building a house so we can fall in the first place
    if you see me, don’t stay
    I’ve been told that it only gets harder from there.

    And that makes 0 sense, so…

    1. It sounded like “fall in the first place” to me too. Figured that had to be wrong, though there have been stranger lyrics so it could’ve been right.

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