Kill CAPTCHA Campaign

No idea how much of an impact this will have, but since it certainly can’t hurt to try, I’ll pass it along.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has started a letter writing campaign aimed at convincing websites big and small to remove the CAPTCHAs from their websites and replace them with more user friendly, accessible alternatives. Here’s some info on how you can get involved should you so choose.

Have you ever found yourself unable to sign-up for an online service, unable to order tickets online or contact an organisation because they have an inaccessible CAPTCHA on their website? CAPTCHA tests are boxes containing squiggly letters and numbers which you must decipher in order to continue on a website.

ACCAN, in alliance with a number of Australian disability organisations, is campaigning to have inaccessible CAPTCHAs removed from websites and replaced with accessible security options.

What you can do
If you want to let an organisation or business know that the CAPTCHA on their website is inaccessible, send our CAPTCHA letter (downloadable Word Document) requesting that they remove the inaccessible CAPTCHA and replace it with an accessible alternative. The good news for these organisations is that we’ve already listed some accessible alternatives that they can use.

If you use Twitter, let everyone know who you’ve written to and why using #killCAPTCHA.

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