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Last Updated on: 20th March 2023, 03:03 pm

Why Your iPhone Doesn’t Always Show You the ‘Decline Call’ Button
I’m not sure how I never figured this out, considering how simple it sounds when you hear it. I’ve always just quietly wondered to myself about it as I hit the power button to stop the ringing. Speaking of which, I only ever have to hit it once. Is them saying twice an error or is it something that happens on phones newer than mine? I’m still using the iPhone 8 that Rogers tried to screw me on five years ago. It’s still working pretty well and I’m not in any big hurry to replace it.

And I need to take a better look at Carin’s phone, it seems. Hers is newer than mine, and I can’t remember if her power button is on the top or the side. I was, until I saw here where they’ve written top in one spot and side in another, pretty sure that hers is on the side. But now I have no idea. At least one question has been answered, though.

If you get a call while your phone is locked, you’ll see the “slide to answer” button. In order to decline the call, you have to double-tap the power button on the top of the phone.

If your phone is unlocked, however, the screen that appears during an incoming call is different. You’ll see the two buttons, “accept” or “decline.”

Either way, you get the options to set a reminder to call that person back or to immediately send them a text message. (“Dad, stop calling me at work, it’s 9 a.m.!”)

Update: I’ve had two people give me the same reason for why you would hit the power button twice to decline a call. If you hit it once, the ringing stops, but the answering screen is still visible. When I think about it, yes, I have noticed that. But apparently the second press is the actual declining one that will send the person to voicemail. Yet another thing I probably would have known if I paid any attention to anything at all. But when I hit the power button, my only goal is to get the ringing to stop. Once it does, I go on with whatever non-phone thing I was doing. Even if I am doing something different with my phone, it has never occurred to me to hit that button again instead of waiting a few seconds for that screen to disappear.

Oh, and Carin’s power button is on the side. So at least I was right about something.

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