Here’s Your Sign…And Here’s Your Sign…And Here’s Your Sign…And Here And Here And Here And…

God, these court things take forever. I sure hope they get to my hearing soon. Man, I’m so bored. Seriously, how am I supposed to pass all this time? This sucks. Hey wait…did I bring my paint pen? …Yeah, I did! Sweet! Time to go to work!

Francisco Canseco had been in court on April 24 on misdemeanor graffiti vandalism charges filed by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, sheriff’s Detective Mark Milton said.

He was charged with 31 misdemeanor counts of vandalism and one count of possession of tagging tools, the City Attorney’s Office said.

The next day, court services Deputy Carl Gregory noticed fresh graffiti in the courthouse. A paint pen had been used to write Canseco’s tagging moniker on the wooden backs of chairs in the courtroom and on benches in the hallway, Milton said.

“He wrote it while he was waiting,” Milton said.

Milton said Gregory used the Graffiti Tracker software program to trace the nickname back to its documented user, Canseco.

But just to make sure they had the right guy, a search warrant was obtained for Canseco’s house, where police found “graffiti paraphernalia”…and the same signature he left in the courthouse painted all over a bunch of his stuff.

Canseco caught some new charges of course, and because of the cost to repair the damage he did, these ones are felonies.

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