A Breathy Issue

Gill sent this back around the end of August, but since everything pretty well sucks right now, I’m just getting around to it.

Knucklehead Power!

From the same person who brought you the fall and fart on the ice in January, and the rear ender in to the foot bath about a month ago comes another feat that will have you questioning yours truly.

The Mystery Begins

For some weird reason earlier this week I went looking for my asthma medication, but I’ll be darned if it had not grown legs, and said, “see you later Ms. Gillie.` I also enlisted the help of a sighted companion, but no such luck.

“It will Turn up.`

Stuff like this has happened to me before, lost socks, eye cloths, and other things. Here is the common occurrence, when I am either not thinking of it, have bought my knucklehead self a new one, or have looked hard enough, it always turns up.


Has anything like this happened to you, if so, what was it, did you find your lost object, or had it permanently disappeared to the four winds never to be seen again?

Remember, Gill’s not the only one allowed to write stuff and send it to us. If you take the time to mail it, odds are we’re gonna post it.

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