Alright, Everybody! Put Your Hands Together For Terrible Mommy!

A strong work ethic is generally an admirable quality in a person, but this seems a little much.

The Pasco Sheriff’s deputy said he was notified by the woman’s grandmother that the 10-year-old girl did not return home from a bar-be-que up the street. The deputy said Bobbey Jo Boucher left her daughter at the bar-be-que as she went to work.
The deputy contacted Boucher on the phone while she was at work at Calendar Girls strip club and she told him she was the last person who saw her daughter. While he was trying to gather information on her daughter so he could file a missing child report, Boucher told him, “I have to get on stage,” and hung up the phone.

Hopefully whatever she didn’t take off can hold a good bit of cash, since she’ll be needing that money for legal bills, it appears. she’s been charged with obstructing an investigation and resisting an officer.

For her part, Boucher claims that she didn’t hang up on the officer, but simply transferred to another call. You know, because that’s what everyone does when their children go missing.

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