Thoughts That Truly Make Some Kind Of Sense

And now, here’s Gill with what I believe are some words of inspiration.


When I get bored I think of stuff, and for some odd reason it is usually mischief.

A Little Fun

Here are some thoughts of the day from the twisted mind that is Ms. Gillie.

1 If you are dealing with bad situations, and there’s a few at once, those are all crapsickles of different shapes.

2 A day with out any kind of cafein is like an ice-cream sundae with out the sprinkles.

3 Reality TV is just producers of half decent shows who have just stopped trying.

4 The happiest people are those who can fall on their rear ends, fart, and laugh later.

Finally Take a moment to just laugh, because when that moment drifts off you won’t get it back again.

Love you all

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