Stop Calling Him That, For God’s Sake!

Ok, I’ve had it. I’ve let this go on long enough. I must say something.

Why do people insist on calling Madison Bumgarner MadBum? On every level, it’s a terrible nickname. There aren’t many levels mind you, but it’s awful on all of them. It’s not creative, it sounds a little insulting and just thinking it makes my brain feel kinda gross.

MadBum is not a person. MadBum is what a person gets the morning after a night of liquor and suicide wings.

That is all. Goodnight and enjoy the game.

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    1. And not just any bum, a mad bum!

      This is going to be one interesting World Series. KC has been so good, and the Giants are finding ways to win. I wonder if we’ll get 7 games out of this thing.

  1. I’m not sure I could manage the stress of 7 games. How about 2 in KC and 2 in SF with the winning game another walk-off by SF?

  2. all the very best experts knew we’d lose to Pirates, etc. It’s been a crazy year for the team. The surge, then the swoon, then the struggle.

    1. The Royals weren’t supposed to win either. Oakland had fallen off a lot by seasons’ end, but they were still supposed to dispatch them handily. That, I hope, is what’s going to make this series so much fun.

      How are things with you, by the way?

  3. We’re managing. Elcie is back with me and so is Rochelle at least some of the time. Yikes!! I may have told you Ray has been a patient at a rehab relearning speech and walking after a stroke (long story). Yesterday they sent him to hospital but he was released back to facility same day.

    I’m having trouble navigating myself. I use a shopping cart as a walker in the store and don’t go anywhere without a friend, just in case. Hate it but that’s what it is. Other than that, we bumble along surrounded by cats, dogs, and kids. Some things never change. Love to both and dog.

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