Simply Delicious

And now, Gill with a few nice words for a restaurant she ate at while she was off doing the family visiting thing.

While I was visiting my parents in the town I grew up in we went for dinner at this local restaurant called Simplicity. I have been there a few times, and can honestly say that the vegetarian options are fantastic.

A Last Minute Choice

On October 4th my mom, dad, sister, and I were just sort of hanging around my childhood home deciding whether to have the chicken pizza casserole leftovers or something different. Something different won out.

Dinner At Eight

We made the reservations, did our own things in the afternoon, and left the house around a quarter to eight.

Inside Simplicity

The atmosphere inside the restaurant puts one in mind of a trendy place that serves mainly locally grown and produced fair, with out the snobbery of one of those super high end places. The lighting is pretty good, and there is lots of variety.

My pick

Aside from the bread with locally made apple butter I had tomato dill soup, stuffed egg plant with spinach, tomatoes, leaks, onions, sesame seeds, etc, and apple fritters.


What should you do? If you are ever fourteen miles west of Collingwood, drop on in to Simplicity, or check them out on the web. I don’t know their address, but they are closed Mondays.

Hey there. It’s Steve again.

A minute’s Googling has me pretty certain that this is the place, and that you can find it at 81 King St. E. in Thornbury, Ontario. And unless that website is out of date (entirely possible), they are open on Mondays.

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