I Am Intolerant Of Your Intolerance, Sir

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after reading and watching this, but when it was over I was left a little more proud of humanity than I was when I started, so nice job, random Hamilton bus stop people.

In the wake of Nathan Cirillo’s shooting death in Ottawa, a Mississauga-based filmmaker staged a “social experiment” in downtown Hamilton to see how people would react to overt racism against Muslim people.

In the video, a man named Zakaria Ghanem is dressed in a traditional Muslim gown called a Dishdasha or Thobe, while another man, Devin Giamou, berates him in public and says he wouldn’t feel safe getting onto a bus with him.
Then the reactions pour in from other people waiting for the same bus who don’t know the whole thing is staged.

Here are those reactions.

They say they didn’t have to edit any racist arseholes out of this, which is pretty cool if true.

What I don’t understand though is the statement that they didn’t expect that to happen. You’re dealing with issues of racism and extremism and the possibility that somebody on either side might lash out violently didn’t enter your mind as even the quickest of passing thoughts? Like…duh!

But that bit of dipshittery aside, nice video.

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