The Ladder Match That Probably Brought Us Every Great Ladder Match Of This Century

While you wait for one of us to have the time/energy/brain power to post something of substance (after 11 years you should know better), enjoy this ladder match from 1999. I just finished watching it for the first time since then and it’s still pretty amazing. Even more amazing is that after all these years, the Hardys are still out there putting on great matches left and right on the indies and in TNA. Edge and Christian, on the other hand, are retired due to injuries and out of the ring so much as to might as well be, respectively. Watching matches like this it’s easy to understand why, but damn are they ever entertaining.

This match is also pretty historically important, since you could make a case that without it, the TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) matches that came after it might not have. And without those, there may have never been Money In The Bank, which has become one of the more important parts of WWE’s storytelling.

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