Oh, What A Feeling! I’m Falling From The Ceiling

Last Updated on: 23rd November 2014, 08:21 am

Update: Turns out we’ve used this exact post title before. But hey, why mess with what works?

Oh, and thanks to James for passing this one along.

Considering how stupidly expensive everything in airports is, you’d think they might have enough money kicking around to build a good, strong ceiling. But then again you might also think that you have good engineers on the job and that the ceiling should already be strong enough and that you won’t have to worry about crazy naked guys crawling into it and it not being able to hold them and then the crazy naked guy falls into a bathroom and runs away and goes all Mike Tyson on some poor old dude. You know, your regular, run of the mill thought process when designing a building.

The bizarre behavior began shortly before noon when a woman using a restroom located before the security checkpoint in Terminal C reported that a naked man had fallen through the ceiling and landed in the stall area, state police spokesman David Procopio said. The man had apparently sneaked into the bathroom, undressed inside one of the stalls and climbed into the crawl space above the restroom before crashing through the ceiling, Procopio said.

The man, later identified as Shenk, then fled the bathroom and assaulted an 84-year-old man he encountered, biting the man’s ear and attempting to choke him with his own cane, Procopio said.

He also tussled with the police while he was at it, leaving one of the officers with what was described as a minor hand injury.

He was eventually taken into custody and then to hospital, just in case he’d hurt himself during his unscheduled landing. The victim of the attack and snack was also taken for treatment.

Police have charged Cameron Shenk, 26, with attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery on a police officer, lewd and lascivious conduct and malicious destruction to property.

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