Chew On This For A While

Last Updated on: 7th February 2018, 05:15 pm

Yup, this definitely is in the weirder than weird category. Picture this. You’re gardening, just rakin’ and workin’ the earth, la dee dee, when suddenly, an angry-looking dude starts coming towards you yelling something in Spanish. You don’t know this man and you don’t speak Spanish, so you don’t think he’s mad at you….until he slugs you in the head. You hit him with a rake and a struggle ensues…and he bends down and chews a hunk of flesh out of your arm. He not only bites it off, but he chews and swallows it! then he just stays there, holding your shirt while a neighbour who just happens to be a wound specialist dresses the chomped area. Then he walks two blocks and hangs out by a police car.

Nobody has a flaming clue why Mario Vargas, the chewer, took a bite out of Joseph Lancellotti. all they know is Vargas had just gotten out of the ER after being treated for an injury to his finger. What, did someone bite him?

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