While You Were Sleeping…Your DVR Was Hard At Work

I saw this a few days ago and I thought it so sounded like something Steve would use…if it were available here and DVR’s were actually accessible here.

Have you ever fallen asleep watching TV and then woke up all pissed off because you missed the end of the show? Well, this wrist band is supposed to fix all of that.

Apparently the wrist band monitors your pulse, and when it thinks you’re asleep, it sends a signal to the DVR to pause the show and start recording. When you wake up, you’re right where you left off. Kinda neat.

Man, we’re going to have so many wearable thingamabobs it’ll be ridiculous.

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  1. Oh yeah. That’s so something I could make use of…provided I remembered to put the damn thing on. The way I just conk out without even realizing I’m sleepy sometimes would make this super handy.

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