The Confession Would Come Out Of Her Mouth One Way Or Another

Last Updated on: 28th April 2015, 02:16 pm

You know the phrase “You can’t unring the bell?” Well, there should be also one that says “You can’t ungive the robbery note.” Lois Harvey learned this lesson recently.

I guess she came into the bank and walked up to the teller, all full of confidence. She was going to rob the bank. She handed the teller a big ol’ note, and then looked behind her. Walking into the bank was a uniformed cop. This couldn’t possibly end well, so she thought the best thing to do would be to take back the note…and…swallow it. She didn’t make it very far before the cop found her, probably because she was gagging on the note, and she spat out the note, which was still legible, full of bomb threats and threats to kill the teller.

So…she’ll get charged for attempted robbery at least. Yup, if you already hand the note over, it’s too late…even if you try and eat the evidence.

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