But Shouldn’t I Get Credit For Getting All Those Drugs Off The Streets?

I can only assume that Sylvia Mashiah had been doing a bit of quality assurance testing on the product she was attempting to smuggle into the United States, because there really is no other way to explain this.

Instead of driving onward to her destination as most of us would after having been cleared to cross the border, Mashiah took a little detour. Unfortunately for her, that detour took her straight into the secondary inspection lot.

She was, as you might suspect, secondarily inspected. And as you might also suspect, the do over did not end with her once again being sent on her merry way.

When her car was searched, 17 packages containing a total of 12.45 kilos of methamphetamine were discovered, and it could now be at least 5 years before she gets the chance to make another wrong turn.

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