Everybody Send Good Thoughts To Ann Adams

Last Updated on: 29th March 2015, 09:56 pm

I think a lot of our regular readers remember Ann Adams, right? She’s got lots of comments on here, and often, her and Steve talk baseball. She’s been a loyal fan of ours for about 10 years or so. Holy crap that’s a long time. I thought I might meet her when I went to California to get Trix…until I realized how big California was. I was very sad. I remember her reaction when I said I was getting a guide dog. “Guide dog?” she said, “I must have missed something.” She has always been pretty cool about the whole blindness thing and would always ask us our opinions of what she read or heard about blindness. From time to time, she would send us stories she thought we’d want to put up on the blog.

Back a while ago, I noticed I would send her emails and get no response. I thought this was odd, because Ann was always speedy with her emails. I didn’t worry around Christmas because Christmas is friggin insane. But when New Years came and went, and I didn’t hear from her, I started to worry. January went by, but it was a little nuts, what with all the stuff happening to Lynne, and some other bumps in the road. When February came along, I decided I was going to figure out what was going on, one way or another. So, I broke down and…rejoined Facebook! Ack!

What? You’re all wondering why I say “rejoined”. I never wrote about this, but back mid 2013, I signed up for Facebook as an experiment. It didn’t go so well. I got accused of being a spammer, and threatened that they would shut down my account if I didn’t stop adding people I didn’t know. But everyone I tried to add were people I swore I knew.

I didn’t appreciate being accused of doing bad things, so I deleted my Facebook account as much as humanly possible, and said I would never come back. But I had no idea how else to figure out what was going on with Ann, so I came crawling back.


I found out the reason for Ann’s silence. It looks like she had a pretty massive stroke. Yup, that’ll do it. She is in a rehab hospital of sorts and is fighting her way back to something resembling normal life. As sad as I was that she was sick,, I was relieved as hell that she hadn’t passed away or something. When I searched her out on Facebook, I was scared of what I would find. It would have been hard to take losing Lynne and then Ann.

From what her friends are writing on her wall, she is making awesome progress and is in good spirits. There is hope of moving her closer to where she lives so she can be with her husband. By the sounds of her friends who post to her wall, she is getting better every day.

So, let’s all send her positive vibes. Maybe, with everyone rooting for her, she’ll be with her husband by her birthday in April.

Go, Ann, go. You’re one hell of a fighter. I wish I could do more than send some silly card with a dog on it and write random things on your wall. But California is a long way away. Just know that Steve and I are cheering for you from all the way up here.

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