It Could Have Been Worse

Last Updated on: 12th June 2015, 04:23 pm

There was a guy named John, who was the most positive guy in the whole world. Every time anyone said something negative, John would always say, “It could have been worse.”
One day, John’s coworkers all got together and decided to come up with a scenario so bad that John couldn’t say that it could have been worse.
When John arrived at work that day, one of his coworkers asked him, “John, did you hear what happened to Sam last night?”
“No, what,” John asked.

“When Sam got home last night, he found his wife in bed with another man,” the coworker began. “Sam shot the man, his wife, and then turned the gun on himself!”

“Well, it could have been worse,” John replied.

“Now how could that have been any worse,” the coworker replied In disgust.

“Because if it had been the night before, he would have shot me!”

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