You Kids Wait Here While I Go Get Arrested For Having You Wait Here

There’s never a good time to leave your small children in a sweltering car, but for over an hour while you turn yourself in at the courthouse on a warrant for having previously left your small children in a sweltering car is a particularly poor one.

On May 26, Newby was initially accused of leaving a child in her car while she shopped at the Sam’s Club at White Oak Village. When police arrived they found Newby by her car, but could not arrest her because the officer had not witnessed the alleged crime. Instead, the officer swore out a warrant if Newby promised to later turn herself in.

When Newby turned herself in on Monday, police said she again left children in her car.
Deputies could not say how long the two children were inside the car, but surveillance video showed it was more than an hour.
The car’s windows were closed and the car keys were left on the floorboard, police said. Temperatures hit the 90s on Monday.

Now facing 3 counts of leaving small children in a sweltering car, Newby will be left in a presumably not sweltering jail since her application for bond was denied.

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