Shoot Me Once, Shame On You. Shoot Me Twice, Shame ON Me. Shoot Me 3 Times…?

File this one under some folks never learn.

A man shot and wounded Sunday night near 18th and Emmet was shot and wounded in the same neighborhood last September.

Omaha police Monday said Ran’dell Busch, 27, was in critical, but stable condition following the shooting late Sunday night. 
Police found him wounded after responding to a Shotspotter call at 10:38 p.m.
Last September, Busch was shot at that same address at 12:45 in the afternoon.  He went to the hospital in a private vehicle and did not cooperate with police.

And speaking of the police…

Busch was shot by Omaha police in 2012, when investigators say he ran from officers. This, too, took place at 18th and Emmet.

The article also notes that Busch has a habit of getting shot that dates all the way back to age 15, though it unhelpfully leaves out how many bullets he’s taken or if any of them met him at the same intersection.

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