Kids React To A Storytelling Teddy Ruxpin Doll

I know people are pretty upset with the Fine Brothers these days over that time they tried to trademark the groundbreaking idea of showing stuff to people and filming it along with the word react itself, but they seem to have seen sense now plus some of those videos are pretty entertaining, so if they crank out a good one, I’m going to post it. Like this one of kids reacting to those old Teddy Ruxpin dolls, for instance.

I’ll be honest. I was not a big fan of Teddy Ruxpin as a child. His songs were bad, his TV show may have been worse and he came off like a total dork. A well meaning dork mind you, but still, dork dorkity dork dork dork. I was always strangely fascinated with those dolls, though. Not to the point where I wanted one, but the fact that they made a talking doll that could look at you and move its mouth like it was really talking to you was kind of neat. I used to think that if they could have put that technology to use on something cooler than lame ass Teddy Ruxpin, they’d have really had something. Shows what I knew. they sold zillions of those things, and apparently they were still producing them right up until 2010. Wait, scratch that. A little more Googling tells me that they’re supposedly making a new one. What?

And now, the part where I tell you to do the usual things. Enjoy the video, feel very old in the process and laugh when one of the youngsters points out that this would be perfect if you had no friends. Nailed it, kid. Absolutely nailed it.

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