I’m Hoping For A Warning, But I’m Probably Going To Blow It

One of the hardest questions a person can ask himself is do I have a drug problem? I don’t want to claim I have all the answers, but for future reference, if you get pulled over by the police and can’t even wait until the end of what was about to be a routine traffic stop to snort some of that sweet, sweet cocaine, the answer is probably yes.

Yes, that is indeed footage of a 73-year-old man in Seattle doing that very thing, trying to pass it off as vitamins, then agreeing with the officer when he says he’s not buying it while simultaneously seeming to somehow try to keep up his story.

For the benefit of people like me who can’t see everything that’s going on, here’s a quick description by way of Gawker.

Seattle Police Officer Nic Abts-Olsen was prepared to the elderly man go with a warning because of his clean driving record, however, that’s when he saw the man scoop into a glass vial of cocaine. Startled when the officer came back to his window, the man fumbled the vial and spilled its snow-white contents in his car.
Making matters worse is the fact that the man tried to brush it off like a second grader who’d just been caught stealing extra cookies by their mother.

Our seriously impatient friend, who was not identified, was taken downtown for possession of narcotics.

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