Listen. It’s Early. I Can’t Think Of Anything Better Than Urine Trouble Now

Am I weird, or do the rest of you see a story like this where some nutty person dumps her kid on some strangers while drunkenly proclaiming that she doesn’t want it anymore and think to yourselves way to go little buddy, you get a do over!?

Jennifer Cael, 34, left her child with strangers Thursday evening in the lobby of the Windsor Apartments and said she didn’t want her child anymore and didn’t care if the police were contacted, according to a Daytona Beach police charging affidavit.
When police arrived shortly after 6:30 p.m. and were unable to find Cael at her apartment, other residents suggested Cael was intoxicated and may be at the apartment of another resident, who was described as the woman’s “sugar daddy,” according to the report.

Other residents were right on both counts say the police, including the one she punched in the chest while also being naked when they entered Mr. Daddy’s apartment. And things only got worse from there. Cael continued to fight with the officers as they tried to handcuff her, culminating in her taking a wiz on them. Whether she did so as a defense mechanism or because she simply couldn’t hold it anymore is unclear, but personally my money’s on option one, which seems appropriate.

She was charged with child neglect and resisting an officer with violence. At the time she was jailed on $15,000 bail, but since this story is a touch old she may well be out by now. She does have a sugar daddy, after all. No word on what became of the child she left with those strangers.

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