I asked a little while back whether there was less food feuding lately or if the problem was me. Well, the last few days have made it pretty clear that I need to step my game back up because people are as crazy as ever. So…

Police say they were called to the Royal Buffet restaurant in Manchester, Connecticut, over a dispute that started verbally over crab legs at the buffet table and escalated into a physical confrontation on Saturday evening.

During the scuffle, a juvenile was punched in the face and lost a tooth. That teenager’s mother deployed pepper spray. Her actions were in self-defence and she is not facing any charges, according to police.

Clifford and Latoya Knight, relationship not specified, were both charged with disorderly conduct. Clifford was also charged with third-degree assault while Latoya was hit with a count of threatening.

The restaurant had to close temporarily while the fire department vented the pepper spray and the health department tested the air quality. Whether or not the quality of the crab legs was worth all of this stupidity was not reported.

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