Don’t Drink And Drive…To Your Driver Interview

I’ve heard of people half assing it at a job interview when it’s a position they really don’t care about, but I think Ryan William Dickson may have set some new standards.

A woman on her smoke break saw Dickson trying to maneuver into a parking space, but hit an adjacent car while he was backing up, the report states.
Dickson straightened out and pulled into the space, but he crashed into the car in front of him.
At first, Dickson told police he hadn’t been drinking, but admitted it later.
He said he’d stopped drinking around 2 that morning and went to the hospital for his alcohol consumption. The hospital released him at about 8 a.m., Dickson said, but he drank another fifth of vodka afterward, the report states.
When police asked him to complete a walk and turn test at the scene, Dickson began to fall and had to be caught by officers. He said he couldn’t complete the rest of the field sobriety test.

Dickson, who blew a .273 on a breath test and was charged with operating while intoxicated, was presumably not hired by the Trans Iowa taxi and shuttle company that day.

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