I Want You To Want Me

And now, today’s reminder that taunting the cops online almost never does your freedom prospects any good.

Yes, this Mack Yearwoodhe fellow did indeed decide that it would be fun and exciting to use his wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture. Either that or he wondered to himself what’s the stupidest thing I could do today and then used his wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture. Either way, he’s since been arrested, in the process adding another charge to his tally after a bag of weed fell out of his pants during the takedown.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Stuart police used the photo to identify Yearwoodhe as a suspect in a reported disturbance on Monday and was arrested on outstanding warrants.
Police located Yearhwoodhe on Tuesday and a bag of marijuana fell from his pants as he was being apprehended.
He was wanted for violation of probation on two counts of battery and received an additional charge of possession of cannabis under 20 grams.

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