“Is Your Dog Friendly?” “Are You Friendly?”

Last Updated on: 12th September 2016, 09:50 am

I have often been asked if someone could pet my dog. I’ve never been asked if my dog could play with theirs, but I can imagine it happening. Even if I had, I would have never dreamed that if I said no, the response would consist of a volley of rocks fired at my dog. I’m sure it will come out that Ricky Sabourin has some kind of issue going on, because in what logical world would you throw rocks at the dog because the person won’t let you play with him?

The officer said the dog had no lasting injuries. I hope the officer realizes that there might be a psychological impact on the dog that you can’t see. For the sake of everyone, I hope there isn’t one. I’m glad the guy was charged, but I feel like the gravity of what happened wasn’t reflected in the charges. I thought there was a service dog assault law being worked on in Ontario. Am I wrong?

I hope I’m never in a situation where some strangeoid decides to hurl rocks at me or my dog because I won’t let mine play with theirs. Yeesh!

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