Free To Turn Off The CD

Last Updated on: 13th October 2020, 10:19 am

Some children’s music is still fun to listen to when you’re grown up. There’s still something cool about Raffi, for example. But the other day, I got to hear something I used to listen to when I was a kid, and…blech! I don’t know how I even listened to it back then. I’d like to think I liked decent stuff as a kid.

The huppy’s mom put on this CD called “Free to Be You and Me.” I remember when I used to ask for the record, my brother and sister used to complain bitterly about it. You know what, I would have complained too if I was looking at my past self.

Here’s a description of the CD. You know what? It has a wonderful message, and there’s nothing wrong with it…just some of the delivery could have used a little work.

The song that really drove me nuts was “Parents Are People”. It had a pretty basic message. Moms and dads can do whatever they want to do. But god, by the end, I wanted to punch the woman singing. Ug.

And what about that woman rhyming about how full of crap advertising is and how women don’t enjoy doing housework? Again, sure, the message was fine, but I just wanted her to disappear by the end.

Whoever wrote this Wikipedia entry seemed to think lots of kids enjoyed this record, although that’s the only part of the whole article that needs a reference. Hmmm. Interesting. Does anyone else remember this thing? Did you listen to it when you were a kid, or were you subjected to it when you had kids? If you heard it when you had kids, did you find it as irritating as I did?

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