Who’s Going To Represent Kicking Horse Pass Now?

I don’t know why, but the other day I started thinking about Dave Broadfoot. Was he still around? He’s got to be getting up there. When was the last time I really saw him do anything? I always liked him on Air Farce and those TV specials back in the day. I should see if I can find any of those member for Kicking Horse Pass bits. Those were funny.

Turns out he was still around, at least until yesterday. He was 90.

Comedian and former Royal Canadian Air Farce actor Dave Broadfoot has died at age 90, his family confirmed to CBC News.
Broadfoot was best known for his time on the long-running comedy show on CBC. Starting in 1973, he appeared on radio and television versions for 15 years in the classic lineup of the show, alongside cast members Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy and John Morgan.

Among Broadfoot’s best-known characters were the Honourable Member for Kicking Horse Pass, Sgt. Renfrew of the RCMP and Big Bobby Clobber, a hockey player who had received too many pucks to the head.
Broadfoot was a fixture on CBC shows long before his tenure on Air Farce, on television with the Big Revue and the Wayne and Shuster Show beginning in the 1950s, and on radio the following decade with Funny You Should Say That.

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