A Favourite Uncle

And now, a few Remembrance Day words from Gill.

This summer I had an opportunity to have an audience with my mom’s cousin, a retired nurse, and the unofficial family historian. I learned some interesting facts about relatives I never knew, or knew little of.

Robert Alexander Budd Hewgill 1909-1984

Like I have said in a previous Remembrance Day post my great-uncle Budd served his country, but here’s a fact I did not know until the family historian came for a visit. It turns out he was a Sergeant, and not only that, he helped liberate The Netherlands from the Nazis. Following Liberation he stayed to manage a hotel, and the transition from war time to peace.


Thank you so very much uncle Budd, I didn’t know you all that well, but this heroic act makes my respect for you as a patriot more.

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