If He Was Hoping To Get Screwed, I Don’t Know Why He’s Complaining

Last Updated on: 4th February 2017, 09:30 am

A man in Oregon who’s name was not provided so we’ll just call him Dumbass found himself short a set of clothes, a wallet and a phone after they were stolen from his motel room during a Tinder date that went wrong before it really even started.

Police say the man had been communicating with a woman who called herself Lacey for about two months before they arranged to meet Tuesday. She told him to leave the door unlocked and that she would be there shortly. He then decided to take a shower while he waited.
When the man emerged from the shower he found all of his belongings were gone.

When reporting the theft to police, Dumbass lived up to his name by telling them that he didn’t know what his date’s last name was. Dude, seriously. Had you been thinking with the head on top, wouldn’t you have asked for a last name by like maybe conversation two or three? She might give you a fake one, but at least it gives you and the cops you’re eventually going to need something to go on since more people than you’d think aren’t smart enough to use different aliases every time.

Things only got worse when he tried to show them her profile only to find it had been deleted because yeah, duh.

As for Lacey or whatever her name is, I hope this is her job and she’s got several marks on the go because if it’s not, two months is an awful lot of work to put in for a used phone, an undetermined amount of money and a pair of dude pants.

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