No, I didn’t forget the Christmas Wrap-Up. Here It Is

Last Updated on: 6th February 2017, 01:16 pm

So here it is, February 5th and I’m finally writing the post I always do about our holidays. Although horribly late, it’s not as late as it seems because we only finished having get-togethers 3 weeks ago. Why? Because weather and circumstances are evil.

We had the best plan ever. We were going to spread the get-togethers out so that we didn’t end up doing the massive Christmas get-together hop that left us all exhausted. We thought we would have the thing with Steve’s dad early. We were going to do it at Brad’s place. Everything was a go…until weather made it so Steve’s dad couldn’t get to Brad’s place. So…the rest of us got there, but not Steve’s dad. It was an awesome day, except for the part where it didn’t serve its purpose. We eventually had a Christmas thing at Steve’s dads in mid January. Oops.

Steve and I spent actual Christmas with my family, which was a lot of fun. Our first nephew is almost 2, so he can provide all of the entertainment. You have to watch what you say, though, because he’s hoovering up words like a sponge. He loves Steve. and if it was allowed, he’d have Steve bounce him all day. “High? High? Boing! Boing! Boing!” He doesn’t know what Tansy is, though. He tries to sit on her, scream into her fur, pull her tail. We all have to be on guard so he doesn’t unintentionally hurt her. He has his own little dog at home, but she’s a lot smaller, and doesn’t lie as still. We sometimes have to protect him when Tansy tries to play with his little dog, and gets carried away.

My sister’s baby is getting bigger, and is starting to form a personality. He notices every little noise, and jumps, which I’m not used to. Even my dad’s cough would make him startle.

Then our get-together with Steve’s mom and company got delayed because a bunch of them got the flu! Yuck, I’m glad I never got that bug. It even hit Steve’s sister’s baby. Poor little guy! We eventually got together about a month or so ago.

On the subject of that little nephew, he’s starting to figure out how to move, and yup, we’re in trouble. Apparently he can get into a lot of mischief in a short time. He’s also fascinated with pulling hair, as I have learned. Hmm. We’re going to a family party today. Maybe I should tie my hair back.

After buying a few toys for the nephews for Christmas, I have learned that VTech makes a lot of kids’ toys. I only knew they made cordless phones…shows what I know. But I feel like they make every kids’ toy known to man. Is it me, or does that giggling kid not sound a little creepy sometimes?

Also, some of the grandkids got together at my grandma’s house. That was fun, reminiscing about the trouble we got into as kids. Plus, Grandma got to see the new little guys, so that was a good thing. Hopefully none of her fake fruit went missing…some of it got carried around and played with a little bit.

Christmas was good. We got just the right amount of everything, and we got a new microwave. The one we’ve been using for about 17 years started howling like it was being injured and taking longer to warm things up. It’s weird having a microwave that actually works. I always end up heating things up too much.

Through our attempts to label said microwave, we have learned that they don’t make Braille label tape like they used to. If you don’t use it for a while, all its stickiness goes. I had to borrow a friend’s tape because mine looked like it had been put through the war. When we tried to label the microwave, the labels fell right off! Even glue wouldn’t hold them on. We eventually had to call in the CNIB to label it, and those labels stuck. My only thought is if you don’t use the tape, it goes bad. But I don’t ever remember that being a problem before.

I think that sums up all the holiday get-togethers. We certainly got our wish that they were spread out…but they were spread out *after* Christmas, which wasn’t part of the plan. I do have to say that having a couple things in January made that month feel a little less dreary though.

What can I say about 2016? Although it wasn’t a very good year in a lot of ways, for us personally, it was a pretty good one. Getting two baby nephews and having a whole year of good health for us and everyone in our immediate circles makes 2016 a decent year. Now let’s just hope 2017 can be a decent year for everyone. I know it didn’t get started in a good way, but there’s a lot of year to go. Hopefully it can get turned around.

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